What is Bimodal Management

The Bimodal Management©  methodology, developed by Michal Zigelman, offers a strategic diagnostic framework and action-driven tools for top executives to lead effectively and deliver high impact results in a disruptive and complex environment.

The BM methodology helps executives, entrepreneurs and organizations to:

  • Improve management agility without losing strategic focus in an ever changing business landscape
  • Develop a variety of perspectives in tackling complex problems
  • Assess new opportunities and potential threats in disruptive market and respond accordingly
  • Improve decision making in uncertainty
  • Strengthen management resilience and capacity to deal with change and ambiguity
  • Communicate effectively and motivate employees in a stressed and unpredicted work environment
  • Lead a long term innovation strategy
  • Stay cool and focused a fast changing environment

“Understanding the laws, forces and processes of the business environment from the inside are necessary to recognize its dynamics and respond accordingly” Prof. Clayton ChristensenHarvard Business School

The Bimodal Management methodology is derived from a wider approach, the “Natural Systems” approach, which brings together scientific principles of Quantum Physics, Complexity theory and Network Science, into the management development realm, helping executives to respond respectively and also benefit from the natural, inevitable volatility of contemporary business environments.

“Natural Systems” approach basic assumptions:

  • Change is a vital sign in every living system.
  • Organizations, business environments, biologic systems, economies and social networks – all present the same dynamics; it’s the universal regularity of systems in nature.
  • Understanding the laws and regularity of systems in the nature is essential for leaders and executives, in order to thrive in a complex, dynamic world.

Natural systems are agile, effective and resistant.  Isn’t it exactly what we wish for our businesses and life?