About Michal Zigelman

Physics – Management – Complexity

Michal is a management and leadership development expert, a physicist, the founder and CEO of Duality. Michal is the developer of the world pioneer Bimodal Management© methodology, specializing in Disruptive Strategy, Decision making and innovation in dynamic and uncertain environments.

Michal has a proven track record of leadership development consulting with some of Israel’s top business, high-tech, finance, security and government organizations.

She lectures and conducts workshops on the issues of Leadership, Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Communication and Innovation – in volatile, uncertain and complex environments.

Michal is known for her unique perspective on contemporary business and economic arenas, where she brings a deep understanding of the dynamics of “Natural Complex Systems“, which she earned during her 15 years of cross-disciplinary Physics research in the Tel Aviv University.

Michal is certified in Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen – HBX | Harvard Business School. She earned her Master’s degree in Physics from Israel’s Tel-Aviv University, where she also earned her Bachelors in Physics and diploma in Leadership Development. She is a certified and veteran PCIL executive coach from Israel Coach-Me Academy and a graduate of the Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict-Resolution program at Bar Siach Academy, Israel.

She is a certified Open-Space, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and a member and thinker of Israel’s Complexity debate circle.