About Duality

More than a traditional consulting firm, Duality is a strategic partner for change and growth in a disruptive market.

Our mission is to re-focus, re-orient and re-energize businesses, managers and leaders to enable them to identify and leverage growth opportunities,
for their business and community.

Since 2006, Duality has advised over 50 leading organizations in diverse sectors such as hi-tech, banking, manufacturing, national and regional government and intelligence & security. Our clients include companies in the Tel Aviv 25 (TA-25) companies Index and Israeli companies on the Fortune Global 2000 ranking.

Based on our pioneering Bimodal Management©  methodology, we offer our clients,  an updated management approach together with a set of  practical diagnostic models and tools to broaden their perspective on change, improve their strategic decision-making and strengthen their ability to execute amidst uncertainty.

Our guiding principles to create value for our clients:

  • Partnership
  • Innovation
  • Inter-disciplinary perspectives
  • Clarity
  • Full accountability

Why work with us?

  • Because we help our clients produce better decisions under uncertainty
  • Because we are focused on your job as a customer and integrate our services exclusively around this job
  • We will help you identify the job that your customers need, so you can become ever more relevant in the market
  • Because management in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
  • Market is our core expertise, and ever-more markets today behave in that way
  • Because we view “change and disruption” as part of the core strategy, not a distraction or crisis to be managed
  • Because we will help you develop capabilities and a skill set essential to navigate complex challenges successfully ever after our engagement is completed